What is “Being Cenantua?”

“Being Cenantua” started, back in 2008, as a place for my digital projects, completed in my graduate program at James Madison University (MS, Technical and Scientific Communication, ’09). Later, while attending a class in teaching composition (Fall, 2015), at George Mason University, I revived the site for the same purpose. Less than a month after having done so, I was admitted into the PhD program in Writing and Rhetoric at GMU, and felt like the site would be a good outlet for experiences/reflections in the PhD program. This site is also an outlet for my reflections/thoughts on writing as process, writing for the Web, and rhetoric… often with the thought of how all three are used and can be used for the most effective way of delivering historical content. Therefore, “Being Cenantua” is about my considerations on my own writing process, and that of others (usually, others who write history), and on the potential means of content delivery in the future.

For those interested, please see the “historical content” side of my writing at Cenantua’s Blog. Also, if your curious, and asking… “What does “Cenantua” mean? Check out this page at Cenantua’s Blog to see what it means… and means to me.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully… following.




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