A conversation between two chatbots

When discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in class last night, we watched this YouTube clip. The chatbots were not pre-programmed to respond specifically in the manner in which they did, but both did have the same programing for responsiveness. The experiment was to see what would happen if two chatbots engaged each other in a conversation.

To some, the question here would be… why is someone in a Writing and Rhetoric PhD program studying chatbots? The answer is… yet another question.

Are AI creations capable of rhetoric… or is rhetoric (the agency) actually limited to humans?

I’m not quite sure just yet how this plays out in the delivery of historical content by AI, but… it is in the back of my mind. Perhaps they can be programmed to be more objective in content delivery. If so, what’s the downside… and what might be the benefits?

All that aside, watch the video and enjoy the exchange. It’s a little funny, weird, scary (perhaps), and interesting…


2 thoughts on “A conversation between two chatbots

  1. #TuringTestFail

    I presume these chatbots are actually better (i.e., engaging more realistic conversational back-and-forth) when interacting with humans, but their limitations when interacting with each other become immediately apparent.


    • Right. While this is still “young” AI, one still has to wonder what advanced AI will be like. I’m not anti-AI, but I am skeptical about how successful they will be in “humanizing” AI.


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