When a horror movie tapped into Augmented Reality

So, with all these readings flowing through my brain, it’s not unusual to wake up in the middle of the night… thinking… a lot. Not only do I try to think how AR can be incorporated (keeping in mind, I’m looking for innovative ways to engage students with historical content), I also think about examples of AR I’ve seen in the past.

Strange as it may sound, one of those remembered instances is from a movie from 1999. In House on Haunted Hill, there is a scene in which a young woman with a video camera, touring the house, happens upon something she can see in the screen of her camera… but not in front of her, in real life.

Bingo. That is an example of AR. Keep in mind, the video clip isn’t about horror, it’s all about the concept that’s embedded in the movie. But, before you view the scene, below, for those who aren’t really that crazy about horror, you might want to turn away at frame 1:47, when it’s no longer about AR, but about her encounter with an unpleasant, other-worldly creature. To some, AR is scary enough. 🙂


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