More meaningful things just… happen

I caught myself this morning randomly looking up quotes about “writing as process”, and I realized I was actually in the act of ruining most of the fun.

The best quotes I’ve come across are accidental discoveries. When, for example, reading just for the sake of reading, I happen upon something that strikes a chord. More importantly, those quotes are found when reading a work by someone I admire (on some level), so, the quotes “found” are significantly more meaningful.

In short, just don’t force it. Go about your day… let life happen… and when you find something meaningful, write about it, feeling good both for “the find” and having written it down for yourself.

So, in lieu of something new found just this morning, I’ll go with a quote I found some time ago…

I cannot take interest in the ordinary avocations of men. They are horribly stupid and uninteresting. Therefore I have never made money, nor have I a desire to succeed in a career that cuts me off from the worship of the beautiful. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” This has been the ruling idea of my life. Without this all else has been dullness and inanity… I must write and sketch pictures. – David Hunter Strother (aka “Porte Crayon”).


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